Testimonial 11

Brilliant! Funny! This one woman show is for anyone who remembers ice trays with metal levers, service stations and has used the words ‘I think we came in here,’ at the picture show. It’s a show that brings us together through the realities of aging. All aboard!
- PK Beville
Founder, CEO Emeritus, Second Wind Dreams
Author, Second Wind and Virtual Dementia Tour

Testimonial 10

When Cheryl and her team arrive, along comes love and laughter. Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the music, parodies and play on words.  This show is just GREAT entertainment! So, if you are ever given the opportunity...get on the bus!
- Janice Kimber, Engagement Director, The Arbor at BridgeMill

Testimonial 9

My hubby Jim and I had the good fortune of seeing the premiere performance of Senior Trip! If laughter is good medicine, we will undoubtedly remain healthy the rest of our days on the earth! Senior Trip is entertaining, interactive, inspiring, hilarious and will leave the audience feeling like this season of life might just be the best so far! A must see... and more than once if you can!
- Donna Douglas Walchle, Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter and Author